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Q.  Is this a Deed Restricted Community with Restrictions and Covenants?

A.  Yes, we are governed by a Declaration of Restrictions and Protective Covenants that are on file with Jefferson County. A copy can be obtained at the Clerk of Court in the Jefferson County Courthouse. This document is found in O.R. Book 119 Page 504 or you can download a copy from the AAPOA website.

Q.  Do I have to become a member of the Association?

A.  By owning property within this Development you become a member of the Association and must abide by the documents governing this Development.

Q.  Do I have to pay dues if I don’t live on my property or if I don’t use the roads within the community?

A.  Yes, all properties that are a part of this Development are required to pay the Annual Assessment regardless of whether the property is occupied. Properties that do not connect to the internal roads within the Development but who are deeded as a part of the Development are also required to pay, although effective November 1, 2014, the six lots (AH1-B2, AH2-C31, AP1-1, AP1-2, AP1-3, and AP1-4) that border Ashville Highway with no other access to their property via roads within the Association are assessed at ½ of the regular assessments.

Q.  What do I do when I want to build on my property or place a mobile home on my property?

A.  Article V – Section 1 of the Restrictive covenants requires that the ground floor area, exclusive of open porches or garages, must be a minimum of 720 square feet. Mobile homes are allowed providing they are new (first time set-up) when placed on the lot and meet the size requirements of 720 square feet. All mobile homes must be under skirted. Prior to construction or setup of any dwelling or mobile home, the owner must receive written authorization of compliance from the Board of Directors of the Association. Failure of the Board of Directors to respond within 30 days of a written request for approval shall be deemed to be an approval. Property owners can mail or e-mail their approval request to the Board at the numbers above. An approval letter will be forwarded to the Jefferson County Building Department.

Q.  Who do I contact when I want to connect my property to the roadway?

A.  In order to prevent problems with washouts and erosion all property owners should contact the Board of Directors prior to installing culverts and connecting to the Association roads. The appropriate person will advise the property owner on the proper type, size and location of the culvert and driveway. Working together at this initial phase will eliminate problems down the road that could create additional expense for the property owner.

Q.  What does the Annual Assessment (Homeowner dues) cover?

A.  The primary function of the Association and the largest portion of our dues are used to maintain our roads, purchase road materials & equipment, pay operators and maintain our equipment. Secondary to that expense is bookkeeping and collection services and insurance for the equipment and liability insurance for the Association (all property owners) for our roads. Additionally, there are expenses for legal fees, security lights, maintaining the Operations Center, administrative expenses, such as printing and mailing newsletters and postage.

Q.  When is the Annual Assessment (Homeowner dues) due?

A.  The annual assessment invoices are mailed by the first of December and are due January 1st each year. For more information, refer to the Property Owner Annual Assessment Structure page.

AAPOA Payment Box SideQ.  How do I pay my Annual Assessment (Homeowner Dues)?

A.  Payments by money order, check, bill pay, and/or cash are currently accepted. If you prefer to pay in cash, please arrange payment with our Bookkeeper in order to get a receipt.  Please do not mail or drop off payments in cash. If you live in Aucilla Shores, you can drop off your payment utilizing our 24/7 secure, waterproof drop-off box located at the entrance to the Operations Center located at 13 E. 10th Way.

Q.  What happens if I don’t pay my Annual Assessment (Homeowner Dues)?

A.  Liens are filed on property owners and their property when their account becomes delinquent. It is not the desire of the Association to place a hardship on any property owner and payment plans can be arranged with our Bookkeeper. It is best to contact the Bookkeeper prior to your account becoming delinquent. Severely delinquent accounts may be referred to our attorney for collection and/or foreclosure.

Q.  Why don’t we “gift” the roads to the County?

A.  Our roads do not meet the minimum standards required by the County to even consider assuming their upkeep. This option has been pursued many times with our County Commission and the County Road Department. At this time Jefferson County is not accepting any dirt roads and the cost to bring the roads to standard and paving is cost prohibitive.

Q.  Is hunting allowed in the Development?

A.  This is a residential community and hunting is prohibited per our Restrictions and Protective Covenants. The exception to this clause is specific to the following lots: Aucilla Plantation Phase 1 lots 1-6, Aucilla Plantation Phase 2 lots 1-6 and Aucilla Plantation Phase 3 lots 3 – 21. The Game Warden is responsible for enforcing the “no hunting” requirement and complaints should be called in to the Game Warden at 850-488-6251.

Q.  Is logging permitted in the Development?

A.  Logging is permitted, however, a $1000 bond or cashier’s check must be on file with the Association PRIOR to the commencement of logging. Property owners are responsible for making sure all requirements are met and will be held liable for any damages by the logging company to our roads, signs, etc.

Q.  Is the airstrip available for all property owners’ use?

A.  No, the airstrip is governed by the Executive Airstrip Committee and is only for those who own property on the airstrip or own a hanger lot.

Q.  How is the Association operated?

A.  This Association is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors that is currently comprised of property owners that are elected by the membership. The Board includes 6 elected members plus an appointed member from the Executive Airstrip Committee. Board terms are for two years and elections are held at the annual meeting in March of each year. Any property owner in good standing (dues paid in full) is eligible to run for office and should contact the Nominating Chairperson prior to the annual meeting. Nominations will also be taken at the annual meeting.

Q.  Who do I notify if I have a new mailing address, phone number or e-mail address?

A.  Contact the AAPOA Bookkeeper so the Property Owner database can be updated with your new information at 207-952-0325 or e-mail AAPOA850@yahoo.com. (Note: Your phone number(s) and e-mail address will only be used for official AAPOA business.)

Q.  Who do I call if I have a problem with the roads or questions about the roads?

A.  Call the AAPOA main number at 850-997-7171 and leave your message with a callback number and the appropriate person will contact you.

Q.  Who do I call if I have a problem paying my dues, need to arrange a payment plan, or have other financial related questions?

A.  Call the AAPOA Bookkeeper at 207-952-0325 and leave your message or e-mail AAPOA850@yahoo.com and you will be contacted.

Q.  How do I reach one of the Board of Directors if I have questions?

A.  The names and contact information for the current Board of Directors is listed on the AAPOA website and in each of the Newsletters.


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