Ashville Area Property Owners' Association


Deed Restricted Community & Road Work signsThe Ashville Area Property Owners’ Association, Inc., commonly known as the AAPOA, filed Articles of Incorporation with the Florida Department of State on April 19, 1983.  The AAPOA is the homeowner’s association for Aucilla Shores, a deed restricted residential community, consisting of 414 properties and 36 hanger lots, located in the middle of the panhandle of Florida near the Aucilla River.  (See the chart below for the list of subdivisions within Aucilla Shores.)

The Aucilla Shores Subdivision’s Declarations of Restrictions and Protective Covenants were filed with the Jefferson County Clerk of Court on April 13, 1983 and Recorded in Official Record (O.R.) Book 119, Page 504.

Aucilla Shores is located along Jefferson County Highway 146, aka Ashville Highway, approximately 10 miles northeast of Monticello, the county seat of Jefferson County.  This section of Jefferson County is serviced by the Greenville Post Office, part of Madison County, therefore the zip code for the properties in Aucilla Shores is 32331, Greenville, Florida.


Subdivisions, Acreage & Number of Properties Within Aucilla Shores

No. of LOTS
Ashville Highlands Phase 1 (AH1) B 42 South of CR 146 & South of East 2nd Way 281.88 50
Ashville Highlands Phase 2 (AH2) B 43 East & West of East 1st Street and South of CR 146 and southern road is East 6th Court 294.97 54
Ashville Highlands Phase 3 (AH3) B 65 South of Ashville Highlands Drive and West of Aucilla Plantation Court 20.10 4
Aucilla Plantation Unit 1 (AP1) B 63 South of CR 146 and West of Deerwood Blvd. 30.00 6
Aucilla Plantation Unit 2 (AP2) B 64 East of Deerwood Blvd. 145.59 6
Aucilla Plantation Unit 3 (AP3) B 65 West of Ashville Highlands Drive and South of CR 146 and South of Aucilla Plantation Court 389.67 22
Aucilla Shores Unit 1 (AS1) B 38 North 3/4 and Southwest 1/4 of Southwest 1/4 of Section 23 521.66 128
Aucilla Shores Unit 2 (AS2) B 38 Section 22 less Southwest 1/4 of Southwest 1/4 containing Unit 2 612.28
Jefferson Landing (JL) B 39 South of CR 146 and Hanger Lots; East and West of Deerwood Blvd. 241.65 45
Hanger Lots (HL) NOTE: All 36 Hanger Lots’ acreage are here contained.
Smokehouse Farms Phase 1 (SF1) B 40 North of Smokehouse Farms Dr. & East of Smokehouse Farms Dr. 267.66 48
Smokehouse Farms Phase 2 (SF2) B 41 North of Aucilla Plantation Court and East of Deerwood Blvd. 161.87 39
Sneads Hideaway (SH) B 44 West of Smokehouse Farms Dr. & Sneads Dr. & South of CR 146 136.65 12
3103.98 414
Airport Lots = 88 (Hanger Lots = 36; Residential/Hanger Lots = 52)
Source: Jefferson County Property Appraiser's Office
Compiled by: Lynn Salter, June 2008, modified Dec. 2014
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